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CLINODIGIT OMEGA is a new generation Controlled Tilting Table with DR/DRF system, due to its inovate characteristics related to its movements, it can work as:
Digital Fluoroscopy System
Digital Radiography System
Digital Chest Imaging System
Digital Emergency Room System
- 90º/90º Tilting;
- Very low table top height;
- Chest Exams in contact with detector;
- Focal Distance up to 200 cm;
- 43x43 cm Digital Flat Panel Detector;
- Full DICOM.

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"CLINODIGIT EVO is a modern remote tilting table that includes all user's needed functions. Depending on the tilting movement, two models are available:

CLINODIGIT EVO -90/+90 (with elevating table top)

The main applications for CLINODIGIT EVO, are: gastroenterology, intervention, skeleton, paediatrics, urology and gynaecology, emergency and traumatology, myelography, tomography and digital angiography. All of the functions of CLINODIGIT EVO are microprocessor controlled.

CLINODIGIT EVO can be equipped with Image intensifier from 9" to 16" with high performance TV chain completed with a device for automatic control of the dose, and the optional Image Intensifier Elevation system. CLINODIGIT EVO is ready for the X-Frame digital system family, and customer can choose between the standard analogical TV chain, CCD based digital systems, or the newest dynamic flat panel detector."

Other versions available: CLINODIGIT COMPACT


"CLINODIGIT COMPACT is a remote controlled tables of the third-generation with very small footprint and 90/ 30 tilting, that can perform not only conventional film/cassette radiography, CR, and digital fluoroscopy, but also digital radiography with flat-panel solid-state DR detectors.

CLINODIGIT COMPACT is totally microprocessor-controlled with real time self-test/diagnosis and are equipped with a high-speed automatic Spot Film Device from 18 x 24 cm to 35 x 43 cm (8" x 10" to 14" x 17") with numerous vertical division possibilities and electronic X-ray collimation within the area of interest. Moreover, the Image Intensifier elevation system allows positioning of the I.I. surface at the same level of the X-ray film for exposure geometry optimization, especially in digital applications. Image Intensifiers range from 9" to 16", all with high a performance imaging chain and AEC. The switching time between fluoroscopy and radiography is less than a second.

Digitally-controlled high accuracy tomography is standard, with working area extended up to the whole displacement of the SFD and possibility of scanning in both directions. Oblique projections with parallax correction are also possible.

CLINODIGIT COMPACT units have no architectonic barriers for a total access to the table from any side, and feature an extremely low patient table height with carbon fiber flat/concave (selectable) tabletop and extremely low distance between table top and film. The longitudinal and transversal exploring fields are very wide and all movement controls are duplicated on the table itself with visualization of tilting and incidence angles on the column. Retractable grid and remote controlled variable force compression device are standard and a number of accessories are available such as carbon fiber grid, glass holder, patient handle, shoulder rest, thigh rest, longitudinal tabletop movement, compression band, and iris collimator."

Learn more about Italray Radio/Fluoro Solutions [pdf]


"Costumer configurable
Starting from a basic configuration with duoble-side tabletop support, fixed FFD and no tomography device, it is possible to build a customer-specific unit by adding:
tomographyc device
variable FFD
motorized compression device
automatic collimator with square and iris shutters
single-side supported carbon fibre tabletop
touch screen console
with generator/image processor integration
angiography/interventional package
automatic spine images reconstruction package
automatic lower extremities images reconstruction package

Long term investment
Offering a wide range of mechanical architecture combined with a unique range of digital image processors, the CLISIS system represents a long term investment for the imaging department."

View MECALL's brochure [pdf]


Remote Tilting Table with:
- +90o/-15o Tilt;
- Distância foco filme FFD de 115 a 150 cm
- Linear Tomography System;
- Fully automated collimator;
- Automatic Exposure Control SIEMENS IONTOMAT;

Image Intensifier System SIEMENS SIRECON:
- 12” (33cm) 4-Field Zoom Image Intensifier System SIRECON 33-4 HDRW;
- High definition Video chain: 1249lines at 50Hz;
- Cart mounted video monitors;

Digital Fluoro/Radiography System FLUOROSPOT TOP
- 32 Mb Acquisition Buffer;
- Digital to Analog Converter;
- Digital Fluoro memory System memorizes last image;
- Digital Radiography with simple image output or series output;
- 147 organ memorization;
- Printer out;
- DICOM 3.0 connectivity

Interconnection capability to the following systems:

Other available versions: Siregraph D340, D3

* Made by SIEMENS (Refurbished System)
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